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If you love poodles you will love this poodle calendar !

  • 18 month spiral bound calendar
  • Inspiring Stories that warm the heart
  • Faces You’ll Love to see every day 

This poodle calendar was inspired by all the wonderful stories from our 12,000 + poodle fans and it is made up of their pictures and stories.  Though the pictures may not be magazine quality we wanted to  it is perfection because you can feel the generous heart of those who love poodles .   

And a portion of profits goes to help poodle rescue !

There are two ways you can receive the calendar. You choose whether you want to print it yourself on your home printer or have a pre-printed copy mailed to you.

sample of poodle calendar 2-18-13

Just click your choice below: 

Digital Downloadable Version – $7.95

poodle calendar cover

Digital Poodle Calendar Cover

Physical Printed Copy – $14.95 + Shipping

poodle calendar inside view

Pre-Printed Calendar – Inside View 


Thanks and enjoy!

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