How to Teach Your Poodle Basic Manners Teach your dog to sit
Is That Poodle Really an Alpaca ? Is That Poodle Really an Alpaca ?
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Teach your dog to sit
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How to Teach Your Poodle Basic Manners

One thing that people never like is a dog that jumps on them as soon as they enter the house. Yet, thousands of pet owners have no idea how to stop it.  So a lot of visitors end up getting trampled under the dog or licked to death. One person […]

a new poodle learns how to get a grooming

How to Begin Poodle Puppy Grooming

If you have a new poodle puppy and want to try your hand at grooming from home, this is a good little video to show you the basics.   A professional groomer already knows how to do this fast and easy. If you are new to grooming, it may take […]

Is That Poodle Really an Alpaca ?
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Is That Poodle Really an Alpaca ?

Of course not!  But maybe the poodle thinks the Alpaca’s are like him. They both look soft and furry.  They both have sweet eyes.  And…they play well together.  Take a look.  

Water Safety For Your Poodle
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Keeping Your Poodle Safe Around Water

We were floating down the river just over to the next dock to visit neighbors when our little toy poodle jumped out of the boat before we pulled up to the dock! We were shocked and nervous. You just never know what your poodle will do, but boy were we […]


Advanced & Basic Obedience Dog Training using a Clicker with Poodle

Clicker training is one of the most popular forms of training a dog. Why? Because it works! In this video it shows an open level obedience heel work pattern. It ends with a few tricks, impulse control training and a relationship building game. You want to build the relationship of […]

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Chico- miniature poodle

Chico is a 2 1/2 year old miniature apricot poodle. He does some pretty cool tricks. This is fun to watch. Hope you enjoy! Check out our facebook page at

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Poodle Tricks

Bandit the poodle wants to show off his special tricks. These might look simple, but it takes an intelligent dog to learn and repeat back time and again. If you love poodles like we do, please share any pictures and videos you have. Our fans love to see and share. […]


backflipping poodle

cute This poodle knows how to show off. Teaching a poodle to do the backflip isn’t that easy. Hats off to the owner for all their great work It is easy to train poodles for basics, though. Sit, stay, and even ‘dance’ are fairly easy to do when you have […]

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Dancing, Marching & Jumping Choco Poodle Dog

Dancing, Marching & Jumping Chococolate Poodle beats all. Poodles come in all shapes and sizes. Some people love the big ones and some the small. No matter what your taste, though, you can find one that fits you. Better yet, the one you add to your family can be trained […]

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Kids Kissing – Poodle gently kisses baby

Don’t you just love kids and dogs? The two together can make for great entertainment while you sit at home and watch. This video is about a poodle who loves a baby. Isn’t it sweet?